Case Studies

Sugar Centrifuge

Compared to conventional chrome-nickel screens, Actionlaser's stainless steel laser screens have been proven to deliver major operational savings through increasing sugar yield by limiting molasses purity rise across continuous centrifugal machines.

The combination of superior chrome adhesion to stainless steel; tougher steel material versus ‘softer’ nickel; and shorter slot sizes, enables our LaserScreens to resist premature slot enlargement – by both wear and slot deformation.

Pan filter screens - Minerals Processing

Alcoa Australia use Action Laser's stainless steel pan filter screens as 'best practice'. Laser screens perform on a 'like-for-like' basis with cloth screens.

The key benefits of LaserScreens are the average lifespan of up to seven years; greater operational flexibility; reduced downtime/outage, and elimination of the Health & Safety risks associated with cloth screen replacements.

Soy and Tofu Extractor Screens

Our soy and tofu extractor screens are being increasingly used in large tofu factories in Asia.

Our LaserScreens are competitively priced and easily customised to optimise separation efficiency and plant throughput. Customised options include different aperture diameter, open area, chrome wear layer, and metal thickness.


Our laser screens are used in Amiad Water Systems' innovative TEQUATIC Plus Filter system.

Delivering operational efficiencues in water reuse, the filtration system is designed to filter dirty water (containing high solids) for further use in processing, without the need for constant plugging.

Filtered water is utilised in food and beverage manufacture, abbattoirs, industrial laundries, industrial water treatment and Oil and Gas (fracking water).

Plastic Melt Discs – Plastic Recycling

We supply OEMs and aftermarket with melt discs fitted to industry-leading polymer and plastic processing and recycling machines, including EREMA and MAS melt filter replacement discs.

Designed to withstand high load, high pressure and extremely hard wear, our melt discs are used in the processing, filtration, and cleaning of various grades of recycled plastic materials.

Self-Cleaning Filters – Petro-chemical

Many manufacturers of scraped surface self-cleaning filters use Actionlaser Laser Screens, ensuring that contamination can be easily removed from liquid product. Supporting continuous operation, typical styles include a Plunger scraped style or Internal rotating scraper style (filtering inside to outside) or External scraper type, filtering outside to inside. The smooth working face, tapered apertures and sharp aperture edges deliver improved screen life and scraper life, reduced screen clogging and higher throughput, and improved performance when the process stream includes fine fibres or particulates that can change shape such as inks, gels, paints or polymers.

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