Minerals Processing

Durable and hardwearing, high-quality concentrate refinement, reduced contamination risk.

Our perforated laser screen products support screening and separation in the mining and refining process – from minerals grading, to slurry and concentrate filtration, and the disposal of dry filter cake.

Our large pan filter screens, applied widely in mineral processing to wash and separate fine materials e.g. Alumina, Nickel and Cobalt washing and dewatering, are made by combining fine LaserScreens with large-hole punched screen supports. Pan filter sections are currently fabricated offsite and welded into place onsite, and a mechanically fitted design is under development.

Our LaserScreen sieve bends with very fine slots are used for the sizing, dewatering or concentration of mineral slurries. LaserScreen sieve bends have very high separation efficiencies, higher throughput, and are less prone to blinding than conventional wedge wire screens.

Our difference

We supply OEMs and aftermarket services with filtration media supporting minerals extraction and refinement.
  • Value for money
  • Highest quality manufacturing standards, long lasting
  • Increased productivity, high throughput, high yield
  • Enhanced efficient filtration using our advanced laser perforation technology
  • Supports rapid changeover, less downtime
  • Tapered holes and slots resist clogging and blockages

Value for money - consumables that last!

Custom filter screens

  • Pan filters
  • Sieve bends
  • Centrifuge screens
  • General filter screens

Industry applications

  • Minerals grading
  • Mine dewatering
  • Extraction of concentrate – aluminium, nickel, cobalt
  • Disposal of dry cake waste

A Total Outsourced Solution

  • Leverage our expertise in micro-filtration as a total outsourced solution
  • Benefit from our specialist capability and investment in filtration R&D to complement your machine manufacturing design and development
  • We work with our OEM partners to design ‘best fit’ bespoke screens to meet your specification
  • Our unique manufacturing process, where every Laserscreen is produced independently, supports incremental prototyping.
  • Take advantage of our flexible factory capacity enabling delivery of small batch orders through to larger, repeat quantities.
  • We love a challenge! Talk to us today about Partnering

Experts in Filtration & Separation Technologies

Microfiltration for minerals processing.

‘Cut through the Rubbish’

  • Centrifuge screens and baskets
  • Grinding screens
  • Extractor screens
  • Micropellet dryer screens
  • Pan filters
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Sieve bends
  • Custom tubes
  • FDA approved food cylinders
  • Gas sparging tubes
  • Jigger tubes
  • Erema
  • MAS
  • Fimic
  • OEM exclusive supply
  • Food processing
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Minerals processing
  • Water treatment
  • Pigments & Powders
  • Plastics recycling
  • Pulp & Paper


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