We continue to value-add through partnering with leading machinery & equipment manufacturers.

Actionlaser has represented Ferguson since 2001.

For over 75 years, Ferguson have pioneered innovative designs for stainless steel perforated products for the sugar industry. This includes production of mud filter screens, batch centrifugal working screens, and batch centrifugal ‘Tubular Slit’ backing screens.

We offer rapid supply and service of Ferguson screens to suit your application.  

ActionLaser is a proud supporter and specialist partner of the Sugar Research Institute (SRI), a non-profit institution providing global expertise in sugar milling and refining technology. SRI’s understanding of the science of sugar processing helps sugar mills and refineries worldwide to maximise sugar recovery, and to deliver best practice in process efficiency and plant design.

ActionLaser is the global agent responsible for the specification, sales and implementation of SRI Jigger Tube Systems into SRI Continuous Vacuum Pans, SRI Batch Pans and Robert Evaporators.

Filtration at its Finest!

Our perforated screens can be drilled with either circular holes or slots dependent on the application.

We offer filtration media in stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, titanium, aluminium and a number of steel alloys.

Alternative materials and or technical requirements can be considered on request.

Experts in Filtration & Separation Technologies