We supply the critical filter element in your processing or recycling plant. Engage with us to provide ActionLaser MeltFilter replacement discs for your Erema machine.

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Filtration Screens

We supply robust, efficient, laser-drilled replacement screens in holes or slots for a diverse range of OEM machines and applications.

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Welcome, and thanks for taking an interest in ActionLaser!

Since the development of the patented laser drilling technique by Australia’s CSIRO ActionLaser pioneered the commercialisation of drilled microperforated metal filtration screens for a diverse range of industries globally.

We remain firmly the global leader in laser drilled technology, introducing our competencies to new applications including plastic recycling, where we are the leader in alternate replacement Erema melt filter discs.

We pride ourselves on taking a personalised, flexible, and creative approach to solving our customers’ plastic melt and filtration problems. We focus on your needs and apply our expertise to ensure you find a solution.

Our award-winning company and products are Australian, efficient, and robust in harsh conditions – just like the long-lived native grass tree (Xanthorrhoea Australis) that flowers after bushfires.

Bevan Rashford
CEO ActionLaser | [email protected]

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