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From tofu to tomato paste, mustard to milk sugar, we have world-leading expertise in micro-perforated stainless steel LaserScreen filters for a wide range of machines used in food, beverage and specialty food chemical applications.

To prevent binding, clogging and wear, we create precisely tapered, laser-drilled holes or slots in hygienic, high-grade, stainless steel.

Optional chrome coating offers even greater durability.

Unperforated screen regions facilitate CIP (clean-in-place) operation.

Supplying into our first tofu extractor applications in Korea and Taiwan more than 20 years ago, LaserScreens today are widely used in cylindrical- and conical-screen tofu extractor machines throughout Asia, Australasia and North America.

LaserScreen advantages include superior screen abrasion resistance (optional hard chrome coating); and prompt service and supply.

Our first Taiwanese customer, dominant in the local market, remains our customer today.

Since 2001, ActionLaser worked with the premier French mustard seed grinding machine manufacturer, to develop LaserScreens with the screen parameters necessary to produce the finest Dijon mustard (non-industrial and non-heat-affected).

Today, ActionLaser remains the sole screen supplier to this company.

Our laser drilled Yeast Tubes are the aeration tubes of choice for the world’s leading manufacturer of yeast products. They deliver optimal flowrate and distribution of air in large yeast growth reactors.

In the lactose (milk sugar) industry, ActionLaser’s LaserScreens have been, since around 2000, the dominant screen used for lactose crystal recovery, worldwide.

ActionLaser has for two decades supplied LaserScreens to Europe’s largest MSG (monosodium glutamate) factory, our screens carefully designed and manufactured to achieve optimum crystal recovery in the MSG process.

Betaine is a high-value chemical, extracted from the molasses of beet sugar factories. ActionLaser worked with European and US manufacturers over several years to establish the LaserScreen parameters required to optimise recovery of betaine crystals, in the specialised batch centrifuge process. To our knowledge ActionLaser remains the sole screen supplier, to the world’s limited number of betaine manufacturing factories.

All the above applications resulted from our close collaboration with customers, working to achieve the best quality and efficiency outcomes for the customers’ products and businesses.

ActionLaser is keen to offer such collaboration which, for us, often results in decades-long ongoing LaserScreen business.

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