About us

Since 1988, we’ve built our business by working closely with our customers. We understand that time is money and if your equipment is down, it affects your profitability. So, we’re here to support you quickly with cost-effective filtration solutions.

Bevan Rashford CEO, Action Laser
Steve Morris Global Business Development, Action Laser

ActionLaser’s laser drilling technology originated from Australia’s leading scientific and industrial research organisation the CSIRO. We are an Australian based international business manufacturing and designing precision laser perforated filtration screens from our factory in Sydney and exporting over 70% of our product to markets all over the world.

As the pioneer and world leader in laser drilling technology we have been at the leading edge of manufacture of filtration screens for many industries including sugar, mining, chemical and plastic recycling. We first introduced laser drilled screen technology  to the plastic recycling industry over 25 years ago. We now offer second generation replacement MeltFilter discs that are more efficient and longer lasting – keeping Australia at the forefront of specialised laser manufacturing and plastic melt filtration.

Once customers experience our quality work and dedicated customer service they come back time and again – many of our customers now being with us for over 30 years.

We want to learn about your business, understand your filtration challenges and innovate with you to bring your costs down by driving your yields and throughput up. We’re experts in our field and passionate about creating the best laser drilled filter screens and discs. We’re also great listeners. We are happy to adapt our screens to your needs to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Bevan Rashford CEO ActionLaser

Our story

In the 1980’s the Australian sugar industry needed a more efficient centrifuge screen able to provide long working life and withstand extreme abrasion. Australia’s national research agency, CSIRO rose to the challenge, developing and patenting the technology on which ActionLaser was founded in 1988.

  • 1988 - Our first customer

    Our first customers – Australian sugar mills – are still with us. Since then, we’ve expanded to supply the global sugar industry and diversified to many other applications.

    We’re constantly innovating, investing in the latest laser, optics and CNC technology. We take pride in helping solve difficult filtration problems, with our clients. Our R&D focuses on maximising our products’ efficiency and lifespans.

  • Early 1990’s - Partnering with OEMs

    ActionLaser has been partnering with global specialist Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Helping them to improve their product offers to their customers through technology advancement by using laser drilled screens.

  • 1995 - 2010

    In 1995, we were the first supplier to laser drill MeltFilter discs for Erema PLASTIC recycling machine.

    We now supply aftermarket replacement discs directly to numerous plastic recyclers. In 2010 we moved into larger premises and continued updating and adapting our technology, designs and engineering processes, pushing the limits of laser screen specifications.

  • 2021 - A$1.3M grant

    In 2021, our manufacturing expertise was recognised with the award of a A$1.3M Advanced Manufacturing grant from the Australian Government, enabling us to scale-up and supply a complete range of precisely perforated, competitively priced and durable replacement MeltFilter discs for the global plastic recycling industry.

  • Our Presence today

    ActionLaser has grown to be a partner to many customers around the world and our presence is far reaching.

If you're seeking replacement MeltFilters discs for your EREMA filter or other type filters, then please contact us.

Our strengths

Unique expertise and collaborative approach to innovation; our flexible manufacturing capacity;
high-quality, cost-effective products; reliable, world-wide delivery service; and our trusted technical support.

  • Innovation

    ActionLaser grows by working with our clients to develop their businesses. We have a long, proud history of R&D partnering to develop innovative process solutions to meet your evolving needs, boost your productivity and help you enter new markets.

    Our manufacturing process supports incremental prototyping and we’re persistent in pursuit of improvement.

  • Flexibility & speed

    Our manufacturing facility, located in Hornsby NSW, includes several large rooms housing the latest laser drilling technology, driven by our proprietary software.

    We have the capacity and flexibility to produce large, repeat orders or single, bespoke screens. By running multiple jobs simultaneously, we keep lead times short.

  • Quality

    ActionLaser is an ISO 9001 accredited company, committed to quality ownership from management down. Every component passes a first and a final control check before we release it.

    Our clients value the outstanding efficiency and lifespan of our products.

  • Service & supply

    Our clients appreciate our customer focus, can-do attitude and courteous service. They acknowledge the “value for money” our LaserScreens and MeltFilter discs represent to them.

    They appreciate our fast, reliable, global deliveries and unparalleled technical support.

Over the past 33 years our customers have received our trust and respect which has built to our loyal, solid long term business relationship.

Discuss your filtration needs with us and begin the building process to a long journey
with a new found trusted partner. Let’s see what we’ll achieve together!