Dear plastic processors and recyclers,

Our replacement ActionLaser MeltFilter™ discs for Erema machines will provide the same life as Erema discs, with hole quality the same or better. As world experts in laser drilling ActionLaser drilled the first meltfilter discs in 1995 and 1996 for Erema.

We hold in stock the full range of replacement Erema MeltFilter disc sizes.

Should you wish, we can customise ActionLaser MeltFilter™ discs perforations to suit your application.

For the peace of mind and security of having a high quality alternate source of supply for a critical element in your processing or recycling plant, engage with us to provide ActionLaser MeltFilter™ replacement discs for your Erema machine.

We offer fast world-wide delivery and trusted technical support.

To start a conversation and a new business relationship, contact us today.

Dave Pask Production Manager, ActionLaser

The MeltFilter story

ActionLaser has a long proud history of laser drilling MeltFilers. Today, we have direct repeat customers around the globe.

  • 1995 & 1996

    ActionLaser drilled over 200 Erema  Melt Filter discs under contract to Erema Plastic. The first of over 200  Melt Filter discs drilled by ActionLaser are delivered to Erema Plastics.

  • 2013

    ActionLaser makes the strategic decision to enter the plastic recycling melt filter disc market, supporting Australian companies.  This begins the long term relationships underpinning our development work to locally replace MeltFilter discs suitable for Erema and other machines.

  • 2018

    ActionLaser acquires new laser technology to drill 1.5mm thick MeltFilter discs.  We successfully begin global Erema replacement MeltFilter disc prototype trials.  We continue to serve those same customers today.

  • 2021 & 2022

    ActionLaser wins Australian Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre grant to build MeltFilter production capacity.  ActionLaser launches replacement Erema MeltFilter discs in the UK, Europe and Japan.

  • Our Presence today

    ActionLaser has grown to be a partner to many customers around the world and our presence is far reaching.