Sugar Processing

ActionLaser has supplied high-quality screens for the sugar industry since 1988. We’ve earned the loyalty of our clients with long-life replacement LaserScreens that maximise efficiency and sugar yield to boost revenue.

Improve sugar yield. Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

ActionLaser LaserScreens were developed in co-operation with the Australian sugar industry to provide a superior working screen for the low-grade centrifugal machines. LaserScreens, deliver longer service life, increased sugar recovery and decreased molasses purity rise across the machine.

Crystal loss happens when working screens distort across the wires of the backing screens causing a widening and spreading of slots in the working screen. The shorter slot length and higher tensile strength and stiffness of ActionLaser’s stainless steel LaserScreens prevent such widening, minimising crystal loss.

Additionally, the superior bond of chrome to stainless steel prevents chrome layer delamination experienced with softer substrates, maximising screen service life.

We also supply stainless-steel SRI Jigger Tubes, uniquely designed to prevent blockage. ActionLaser’s SRI Jigger Tubes can be retrofitted to any Vacuum or Batch Pan to boost efficiency. ActionLaser teamed up with the Australian Sugar Research Institute (now Sugar Research International) to perfect a jigger tube design that prevents backflow of massecuite and minimises maintenance. It increases circulation and heat transfer in vacuum or batch pans, reducing batch cycle times, encrustation and energy use.

Betaine is a high-value chemical, extracted from the molasses of beet sugar factories. ActionLaser worked with European and US manufacturers over several years to establish the LaserScreen parameters required to optimise recovery of betaine crystals, in the specialised batch centrifuge process.

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