Industrial Chemicals and EPS

LaserScreens are used worldwide in the crystal recovery step of industrial chemicals manufacture. Also, in the drying stage in the manufacture of EPS – expandable polystyrene, widely used for protective packaging and insulation products.

LaserScreensdeliver improved performance across a wide range of industrial processes from paints and waste water treatment to pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

Industrial Chemicals

We design and manufacture screens for OEMs and global producers of industrial chemicals, particularly for the continuous centrifuge separation of chemical crystals from their mother liquor.

Different crystal shapes, crystal sizes and size distributions require specific screen aperture sizes and % open area to achieve optimum levels of liquor removal, crystal recovery and residual crystal moisture. We work with customers to determine the screen characteristics required to achieve optimum results.

We supply LaserScreens in specialised materials, as are frequently required for these applications. Our screens endure the harshest conditions with integrity, resisting corrosion, abrasion and extreme temperatures to maximise effectiveness and lifetime, and to minimise downtime.

LaserScreens can be designed with unperforated regions, as required to facilitate CIP (clean-in-place) operation.

Some applications include Calcium Tartrate, Caprolactam, Citric Acid, Nitrocellulose; plus many that our customers have not disclosed to us …

EPS bead drying

Manufacturers of expandable polystyrene beads (EPS) employ our efficient, high-quality replacement screens in their micropellet dryers.

Through close collaboration with our long-term clients, we have refined our screens’ materials, shape and perforations to optimise bead dryness vs throughput, facilitate installation, extend lifespan and prevent bead leakage. Our lightweight, flexible and robust products will maximise dryer performance and yield.

Adapting to your requirements, we can provide screens for a range of drying machines, including Carter Day and Gala Dryers, with screen thickness from 0.5mm to 0.7mm, tapered slot/round hole width from 130µm to 300µm, and Percentage Open Area from 14% to 25%.

To eliminate time-consuming application of sealant, we developed silicone rubber adhesive tape to create a positive seal around the screen and eliminate bead leakage. ActionLaser silicone tape sticks strongly, moulds to fill gaps completely, resists chemical and mechanical wear, does not stain the beads, and rebounds to shape when cleaned screens are refitted.

Screening and Filtration

Due to the unique combination of fine apertures and screen strength LaserScreens are versatile, found in many screening, filtration and separation applications such as:

  • Fluidised Airslides for transportation of particulate materials,
  • Fluidised bed support screens such as fluidised bed dryers,
  • Support Screens for Deioniser and catalyst beds,
  • Basket Strainers in duplex materials and
  • Self-Cleaning Filters

These applications benefit from the structural integrity and chemical and abrasion resistance of LaserScreens assuring consistency of product quality and delivering long service life and lower maintenance costs.

Fine grinding (media milling) applications

Typically for producing finely ground pigments for paints, inks and dyes – we produce robust, low-maintenance LaserScreens across a wide range of aperture sizes and % open area, for the machines of OEMs such as WAB and Netzsch.

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