November 7, 2022 By Actionlaser

Launches in the UK

ActionLaser has teamed up with Andrew Taylor (CEO) and Ben Peacock (Business Development Manager) of Sonic Solutions to launch our replacement MeltFilter discs for Erema plastic recycling machines.

David Pask, Production Manager for ActionLaser (and former long term UK resident) is responsible for the manufacture, quality & dispatch of our “MeltFilters”. Who better to meet local UK plastic recycling customers and say, “I made these Erema replacement MeltFilter discs – now, what would you like to know?”

Many UK and European plastic recycling companies have built up close working relationships with Sonic Solutions as their preferred partner to clean and refurbish their used Melt Discs.
For David Pask, it was a great honour to have Sonic Solutions introduce our Erema replacement MeltFilter discs to their customers, several who have been trailing our Erema replacement laser drilled MeltFilter discs for some time.

After two weeks of successful meetings with over 12 plastic recycling companies, we are delighted with the success (and sales) of our UK MeltFilter launch.

UK plastic recycling companies can purchase Erema ActionLaser MeltFilter discs directly from Sonic Solutions or from ActionLaser, via our website. Both options provide fast, reliable, friendly service.

Bevan Rashford
CEO ActionLaser

[email protected]

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