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Mineral Processing

Going the distance – is what we always do.

ActionLaser originated through the development of specialized laser drilling technology by Australia’s CSIRO for industrial filtration and screening processes in broad application areas including sugar, food, chemicals and mineral processing such as Alumina, Nickel and Cobalt.
As an earlier pioneer Alcoa approached ActionLaser to develop laser drilled filtration technology for its Alumina plants in Western Australia. Since the implementation of the screens in 1990, the partnership has grown and today ActionLaser regularly travels the round trip of over 8000km to meet with Alcoa to ensure our product goes the distance with the highest quality and best performance in their calcination process. Distance is no barrier to customer service.

High Quality Refining. Reduced Contamination.

ActionLaser perforated LaserScreen products support filtration, screening and separation needs in mining and refining processes – from mineral grading to slurry and concentrate filtration ActionLaser is present. Pan Filtration systems are used widely in mineral processing to wash and separate fine materials for example Alumina, Nickel, Cobalt, Iron Ore, and other minerals as well as in dewatering applications.
ActionLaser stainless steel filter screens replace the traditional cloth filters that typically are replaced every 6 to 8 weeks. Frequent filter changes lead to excessive plant downtime, increased accidents, and injury risk to workers. Our screens increase productivity and workers safety during installation work.

Improved Life for Pan Filtration. Addressing the circular economy requirements.

The design life of a product is central to the new circular economy protocols that are being rapidly adopted in many global markets. The criteria of longer lifetime, less waste and reusing of materials are addressed by ActionLaser LaserScreens that are made of stainless steel giving a long operational life and easily recyclable.
The replacement of cloth filters by LaserScreen assemblies in alumina refineries for pan filters has increased average screen life in retrofitted pan filters to between 5 years and 7 years well up from the 6 to 8 weeks standard replacement schedule, thereby substantially reducing waste and exposure to worker safety issues during maintenance periods.Longer life between maintenance periods means higher filtration availability for production.

High Separation Efficiency.

Generally, very fine slots are used for the sizing, dewatering or concentration of mineral slurries. ActionLaser chrome coated stainless steel LaserScreen sieves and sieve bends deliver high separation efficiencies, and higher throughput, and are less prone to blinding than conventional wedge wire screens.

Easy integration.

ActionLaser LaserScreens are easily integrated into most filtration systems with unperforated margins to facilitate welding into cylinders or onto other fabricated equipment or plates.
LaserScreens can be produced in a range of aperture sizes, material thicknesses and steels. They are designed to reduce clogging, optimise productivity, and provide long operational life.

Going Green.

The world searches for new ‘greener’ energy alternatives such as battery storage. Demand growth is exponential requiring many new mining operations to address the supply needs of minerals such as Lithium, Cobalt, Aluminium, Magnesium, and Nickel. New and alternative mining and mineral processes require equipment capable of more accurate particle sizing and improved separation of smaller particle sizes, even in abrasive and aggressive applications.
ActionLaser LaserScreens offer long-life filters for processing of these minerals, developed for the specific filtration application. Waste water recycling and ’polishing’ of water in energy plant applications benefit from LaserScreens that have close tolerances on hole dimensions, high open area, low pressure drops, and high strength characteristics. LaserScreens are also used in the dewatering of source materials, effluents, and slurries.

Improved handling and transport of bulk materials.

Many industries today use air and other media to improve ease in the transportation of bulk materials.

Traditionally cloth filters are used, with high maintenance requirements and frequent replacement of cloth. Employing ActionLaser LaserScreens removes the need for frequent maintenance of cloth filters, improves air slide availability, and increases plant productivity whilst also addressing the benefits such as safety and improvement in circular economy targets for business.

Our Future.

ActionLaser has grown from an Australian technology pioneer to a global advanced manufacturer of laser-drilled filtration technology. Our products give optimal performance in many applications. We are Australian-owned and proudly an Australian manufacturer and exporter of world-class laser screens and filters.
Today, our laser screen technology is sought after globally by industries ranging from mineral processing to foods, pharmaceuticals, water recovery, aerospace, and plastic recycling amongst many other segments. We remain close to our core customers whilst forging a global footprint for Australia with exports now exceeding 80% of our manufacture.

Steve Greer
Sales Team Head

[email protected]

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