May 16, 2022 By Actionlaser

Why does ActionLaser have the unusual logo for our MeltFilter business?

It is “Xanthorrhoea Australis” – an native Australian Grass Tree, which has these primary characteristics:

  • Survives harsh, arid conditions in the Australian bush and outback.
  • Withstands intense bushfires. In fact, it needs fire to reproduce.
  • Has a long-life span; 350-400 years.

Our laser drilled MeltFilter discs are built to:

  • Resist the harsh abrasion of recycled plastic contaminants like sand and grit.
  • Withstand extremely high temperatures during cleaning and regeneration.
  • Provide a long operating life for the benefit of our customers.

The Australian Grass Tree also provides shelter and habitat for small Australian mammals, reptiles, birds and native bees. Its thick yellow sap was an important raw material, aiding the survival of Australia’s indigenous First Peoples.

ActionLaser was the first supplier of laser-drilled discs to Erema in the 1990’s – and we have now become the replacement disc “one stop shop” for a range of plastic melt filtration machines.

During this journey our business has encouraged, supported and developed many talented young engineers, and we continue to do so.

The Australian Grass Tree has inspired us in our work to manufacture the highest quality, dependable replacement MeltFilter discs.

So, we feel the Grass Tree is a fitting logo and analogy for our MeltFilter disc business.

Bevan Rashford
CEO ActionLaser

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